Fresh Finnish cucumbers


SIGGPAC cucumber belongs to the Finnish dining table and you can find them from nearly every Finnish food market. It fits perfectly in salads, more exotic warm meals and on its own as a nutritious snack. SIGGPAC is known for its freshness and excellent quality as every harvest drives for perfection with over 30 years of farming experience by 3rd generation farmers.

SIGGPAC began in 1988 with two traditional greenhouses that were farmed only in the summer. In 1999 SIGGPAC expanded to larger block greenhouses and began year-round farming with artificial light. Today SIGGPAC greenhouses cover roughly 12 hectares which employ around 200 people and produce approximately 300 000 cucumbers per day.


SIGGPAC is known for its freshness and excellent quality

Gardeners, horticulturists and other employees monitor the plants daily to ensure that each cucumber is at par with the strict quality requirements of the family business that was established in 1988.

The seedlings arrive at the greenhouses at three weeks of age and start producing cucumbers roughly at six weeks of age. Each plant has a dedicated picker who is responsible for the wellbeing of the plant throughout its lifespan of 12 weeks.

Prior to entering the greenhouse, people and all the machinery is disinfected so that the plants are safe from external bacteria and viruses. The plants are irrigated with clean Finnish water and SIGGPAC utilizes biological pesticides.

SIGGPAC is known for its freshness and excellent quality

The plants are irrigated with clean Finnish water

SIGGPAC utilizes biological pesticides.



SIGGPAC is picked between 5am and 9am when the plant has just woken up and the cucumber has the most water. After this SIGGPAC is immediately packed to a protective film at the greenhouse which ensures that the cucumbers are always fresh, sinewy and juicy when they arrive on the food market shelves.

The protective film protects the cucumbers from viruses, bacteria and other environmental impacts that affect the taste and the quality of the cucumbers. The protective film also keeps the cucumber fresh for up to five times longer than an unprotected one thus significantly reducing food waste.




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