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Family Sigg has grown cucumbers since 1988 and every plantation aims for a perfect harvest. Over 30 years of experience in growing cucumbers culminates in today's SIGGPAC, which is known for its fresh taste and superior quality. Specialized gardeners and horticulturists monitor the wellbeing of the plants daily to ensure that the cucumbers pass the strict quality control of the family business.

SIGGPAC is picked between 5am and 9am when the plant has just woken up and the cucumber has the maximum amount of water. After this SIGGPAC is immediately packed in protective film to guarantee its freshness.

At the same time the film protects the cucumber from viruses, bacteria and other impurities in the environment that affect the taste and quality of the cucumber. Protective film also keeps the cucumber fresh even five times longer than a non-protected cucumber hence reducing the amount of food waste.

Cleanliness is a major part of growing SIGGPAC. People and all the equipment are disinfected carefully before entering the greenhouses to ensure that viruses and bacteria won’t spread and infect the plants. The cucumbers are irrigated with clean Finnish water and SIGGPAC uses biological pest control.

The biggest secret of the quality of SIGGPAC cucumbers is the wellbeing of the plants. This is the utmost priority. The plants arrive at the greenhouse three weeks old and produce the first harvest in six weeks. Each plant has an assigned picker who is responsible for its well being throughout its lifecycle.

SIGGPAC Premium Quality cucumbers can be found in most Finnish supermarkets.


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